The unexpected “Not Modified” screen.

In this article, I’ll describe the weirdest Internet Explorer bug that I faced in my life, how we diagnosed it, and the way we managed to correct it in my company.

By the time you’re reading this article, IE might not exist anymore since Microsoft has announced its abandonment by June 15, 2022, so most companies and individuals should work on moving to another browser in order to stay safe, this is good news for web developers because they know that Internet Explorer has always been a pain-in-the-neck when it comes to web development, mostly because of its various CSS…

A lot of websites offer the possibility to check for the availability of domain names, but do you trust them ? did you know that you can check domains directly from your terminal ?

There are a lot of websites offering the possibility to check for domain name availability, but are you sure that they won’t use your search for unwanted purposes ? can’t they just buy your domain name idea and sell it for a higher price ?

For these reasons you should consider another way to check the availability of a domain name, fortunately, there is a way…

This is a post that gathers the weirdest Java interview questions that I personally faced during job interviews or heard of during my career as a Software Engineer.

1. Print Hello World without using any semicolon :

Question 1. Can you write a Hello World program without using a single semicolon ?

When I first heard this question I found it really funny, I was asking myself what would be the benefit of knowing such a trick ? Would that make me a better programmer ?

Well, No this has nothing to do with being a better programmer, but it highlights someone’s ability to think out of the box.

There is a ton of repetitive tasks that we can automate thanks to bots, in this article I’ll show you the easiest and the fastest way to build a bot using Python and Selenium 🚀🚀🚀.

1 . Download the Chrome Web Driver 🔨 :

Chrome web driver makes it possible to manage the browser using any programming language, here we will use Python.

  • First, download the webDriver here.
  • Second, unzip the file and copy the webDriver to a specified location: cp chromeDriver /Library/webdrivers/chromeDriver
  • Third, add the location of the webDriver to the PATH env variable :
export PATH="$PATH:/Library/webdrivers/"

2. Install the Selenium package for Python 📦 :

pip install selenium

3. The Python code 🐍 :

a simple use case for the bot

In this article I will explain how to programmatically retrieve the stats (number of claps and comments) of any Medium post using a custom REST API, the lack of this feature in the official Medium REST API is what motivated me to create this custom REST API.

First, let’s see the documentation of the official public REST API by Medium.

When it comes to articles (posts), The official Medium API only provides an HTTP POST method to create a Medium article (cf section 3.3),

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, initially created for web browser/server communication, it has many more use cases today.

In the last few years, I’ve observed many junior developers having a hard time creating and maintaining Rest and Soap services, after a short discussion with them, I often realized that the main reason was the lack of knowledge of the HTTP protocol.

So in this article, I’ll briefly explain the fundamentals of the HTTP protocol.


The HTTP protocol is a request/response protocol based on the client/server based architecture where web browsers, robots, and search engines, etc. …

Robusta programming language.

I graduated from college on 2017, one year later one of my professors asked me to come and teach some computer science courses, happily I said yes.

So I started to teach the basics of programming to freshmen students, one of the courses was about “Java’s cool”, which is a basic programming language based on Java, I will explain in this article how I rewrote and upgraded it.

Java’s cool was initially created by researchers from Nice University in southern France and was since then widely adopted in the education field, many french students learn Java’s cool as their first…

Logo de Gitlab.
Logo de Gitlab.

Dans cet article, nous allons découvrir l’essentiel de Git et Gitlab afin de permettre une prise en main rapide de ces deux outils 🚀.

  1. Git est un outil de gestion de version, c’est à dire qu’il permet de sauvegarder plusieurs versions de fichiers et dossiers, ce versioning permet de suivre l’évolution des fichiers et permet aussi de revenir sur n’importe quelle version de ces fichiers au besoin.
  2. Gitlab est une plateforme de DevOps complète, elle offre énormément de fonctionnalités permettant le travail collaboratif dans le développement logiciel notamment Git, dans ce cours nous allons seulement aborder la partie dépôt distant…

Did you ever felt the frustration of Chrome’s form autocomplete suggesting values to your inputs that are not suitable to their context ?

Chrome’s autocomplete suggestions.

And even worst, when you select a value from the suggestions, you get this ugly effect on your inputs :


Lead Software Engineer working across multiple technologies and frameworks. Always willing to challenge my problem solving skills.

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